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The UK Government are pleading with the public to take things more seriously and plan to write to 1.5 million individuals considered as the most vulnerable to stay at home for the next 12 weeks.  There has been support promised to these individuals by way of food and care where required by a network of government support and volunteers.

In light of this, and the fact that the majority of our team all now have childcare concerns with the recent school closure, we have taken the decision to keep the office closed until further notice (we will be reviewing this situation in the coming days as things progress).  

We are working hard to upgrade our softwares and processes in-house, in order to move all team members to remote working, but for the time being Caroline, Ellis and myself will still be available, you can reach them on their direct dials, Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 9am-3pm.
  • Caroline - 0141 406 6107
  • Ellis - 0141 406 6106
I will be available 7 days at the moment for any urgent queries, and will be continuing with all scheduled telephone/Skype consultations booked for this coming week.  If you happen to get the voicemail at any time, we will aim to return your call as soon as possible, please leave a message.

For any ongoing work, ie. VAT returns/payroll/self assessments, we are continuing to complete these, and aim to meet all the usual deadlines, although it might be a bit closer than usual.  It is important that we keep your returns being filed, even if you are not in the position to pay the liability, HMRC would usually require confirmation of any outstanding liabilities before they are able to agree a Time to Pay arrangement and when this is eventually over, you do not want to have a mountain to climb to get your paperwork in order again.

We are relying on you more now than ever to keep up communication with us, if any of the team have been chasing you for paperwork or queries, please come back to them and let us progress with things for you, it's all hands on deck at the moment with those of us who are available to ensure things keep moving! 

We need to try and maintain some normality throughout these troubling times, and most importantly keep you and your business going!  I have seen some amazing efforts from local business to adapt their services already to ensure they keep trading in some format throughout all of these restrictions, introducing apps, online demos and website development, completely remote working all in a matter of days, well done to you all for keeping it together.  This is your Sunday evening reminder, that you can handle whatever this week has to throw at you!
Benefits Confusion?!
  • Several clients have been in touch regarding what benefits would apply to them, and although some of the information isn't clear, my interpretation of it, is as follows;
    • Universal Credit - for those who are self employed and sick due to Corona Virus, or for those who wouldn't usually earn enough for their Employer to be eligible to pay SSP.
    • Employment and Support Allowance - Those on a low income due to the impact of the Corona Virus on their ability to earn their usual income.
    • Business Relief grant payment of £10,000 - Only for those businesses who have a premises that they operate from and are currently in receipt of small business rates relief (making them exempt from paying business rates)
    • Business Relief grant payment of £25,000 - Only for those businesses with a premises, and a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000 in the retail, leisure, hospitality sectors.
    • Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme - Payable to 'furloughed workers' those who have been told not to work throughout this time.  If the employer continues to pay them, either 80% or the full wage, then the Government will refund 80% of this once the scheme is live.
    • Business Interruption Loan Fund - Loans with an initial 12 month interest free period up to a value of £5 million for all businesses in financial distress.
  • Each situation is different and based on your personal circumstances, but in respect of Universal Credit and Employment Support Allowance, please check your eligibility in this Benefits Calculator.

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Emma Armstrong

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