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B-Able Business Services Ltd started trading in 2008 as B-Able Bookkeepers and during the last decade we have developed into a full service accountants and bookkeepers who will offer your business professional accountancy, bookkeeping, tax advice and solutions. Most of our regular clients are business owners based in Clydebank, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and surrounding areas of West Dunbartonshire who need accountants, bookkeepers, payroll services or tax returns in their local area. After many years based on Glasgow Road we have recently acquired new offices which provide you with free on-site parking and are ideally located right next to Clydebank train and bus stations. Large volume’s of our regular client base which is now well over 1,000 companies, are business owners from Dumbarton, Helensburgh and surrounding local areas of West Dunbartonshire.

Our award winning team of accountants and bookkeepers continue to provide the highest level of service naturally increasing our client based from ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations provided by local companies who already use our services, this demand and growth should demonstrate the high standard of service you and your company can expect when working with the B-Able team.

We work with a number of different clients from a large number of different industries which offers you the vital experience certain accounts and bookkeeping accounts can demand, ensuring the majority of your time is spent on your business and not time consuming paperwork.

After we complete your free consultation, you will be provided with a clear picture of where you and your company are headed financially in everyday, jargon free language that is easy for you to understand. Many of our clients describe our team of certified accountants and bookkeepers as friendly and approachable, who always have your companies best interests at heart.

Please look at some of our customer testimonials to see their feedback for yourself, if you feel you would benefit from working alongside B-Able Business Services Ltd then get in touch with us today.


Accounts Case Study From a Local Dumbarton Business

JC Electrical & Security Solutions contacted our team several years ago when they were business working from home with big dreams and an obvious work ethic and vision of how to achieve their vision. Over the last few years whilst working with ourselves John and his team have grown into a company of four with new premises in Old Kilpatrick just outside of Dumbarton.

John went ahead an created a successful electrical and security services company based in West Dunbartonshire serving Glasgow and the west of Scotland. With the vital skills John has developed working offshore for decades in his business sector with some of the largest companies European companies in the industry.

With well-known names such as Subsea 7, Spie, Caledonian Electrical, Palmaris Services and SPG adding to an already impressive list of customers John and his staff who themselves live in the Dumbarton area decided to take the business to next level. The next step was to hire three more employees from the local area having recently moved into brand new premises in nearby Yoker.

After being asked about his companies rapid growth; amongst other factors, John quickly credited support from other local companies in the Dumbarton area including his membership with the Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce and his accountants B-Able Business Services Ltd. He left us the following kind words:

Emma and the team have been excellent over the last 2 years. My business needs have developed and changed as the business has grown. They have guided and advised on the best way to process/manage the situation every step of the way. I would advise anyone starting in business to use B-Able as they have an abundance of experience within all business services.

Thanks again guys! John

Our team at B-Able Business Services Ltd played a crucial part in the business growth, organising and analysing John’s income and expenditure, including offering extra business support and advice to ensure John stayed ahead of the game with tax liabilities and on course for growing the business at a pace he could manage. B-Able Business Services Ltd was on hand to provide assistance on how to approach the new business acquisition, with advice on how to negotiate the sale, which maximised the impact this new revenue stream had on the business.

JC Electrical & Security Solutions are now a well established and recognised business in the West Dunbartonshire community which was important to John, who like our Director (Emma) at B-Able, has lived in the area for over twenty years.  Eager to boost and improve the local economy by establishing their businesses in their hometowns.

We too have a close working relationship with Damon Scott the Chief Executive of the Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce who John personally credited a large amount of his success too, details of which you can read on this article. 


Having used B-Able for the last few years, dealing with my tax returns and national insurance contributions it has been made so simple for me. Emma and the staff are lovely and so easy to deal with. An excellent service and I couldn’t recommend enough! Thanks again.
Michael Payne - Fabulous Bouncy Castles, Dumbarton, 5* Facebook Review

Local Accountants near Helensburgh & Dumbarton

B-Able Business Services Ltd’s staff are mainly from the local area within West Dunbartonshire providing your business with an award-winning local team of accountants and bookkeepers who are highly competent and will add overall value. This will allow you to have all of your financial paperwork fully managed, with the aim of minimising your companies tax bill at the end of each year. During the last eleven years working in partnership with small business owners in the Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire and Glasgow area, our accountancy firm has evolved alongside our clients. B-Able’s main objective is maintaining the continuing steady growth our firm has achieved over the last decade, ensuring we use our own high standards to date as a catalyst for future success.  

This year we are delighted to announce after three consecutive years as runners-up, Our firm were awarded as winners of the Scottish Women’s Business Awards versus some incredibly stiff competition. 

Things to consider when selecting an accountant in Dumbarton & Helensburgh

  1.  Enquire as to exactly which financial services & advice the accountants will offer you, specifics are always a good idea. You should always shortlist fundamentals like your companies employee headcount, turnover, turnover projections and your potential for growth in the coming years. The idea behind this is to ensure the accountant you choose will offer your business complete accountancy services including payroll services, regular bookkeeping services for companies with high volumes of transactions, individual tax returns and self-assessment paperwork and other services that keep the tax man at bay. Always make sure if you are a limited company that your accountant will manage the HMRC on your companies behalf.
  2.  ALWAYS make sure any accountants that you are thinking of contact are qualified by ensuring they are members of recognised UK financial accountancy bodies such as the CPAA (Certified Public Accountants Association)
  3.  Have a conversation with the accountants or bookkeepers you choose, often we have spoken to business owners who simply register themselves online or turn up to complete a short form before making sure the accountants you register your business with for potentially decades to come, suit your business needs. Any accountant you speak too should be clear on which type of trading your business is best suited for. For many business owners, we find they are not completely clear on why they are better suited to being a sole trader, limited company or any other type of company. Simply put you should feel always as if your accountant on onside with your company and not the HMRC!
  4.  Decide if an accountant’s geographical location will matter to you or not? You should find out how often you will need to visit your chosen firm, can you deal with them over the phone as a virtual service for say an online e-commerce business or would it be ideal if they are local accountants near you so you can drive to meet them when required or they can visit your premises.
  5. This one is really simple yet often overlooked; ask other small business owners you know if they recommend their own accountants? Most of our work comes from word of mouth and any accountants that offer a strong service should be confident on people checking their track record with existing customers.

Accountants less than 20 minutes from Dumbarton

Please navigate the Google map provided to help you with directions from Dumbarton or Helensburgh to our Clydebank office (your route from Dumbarton town centre is aready shown) 

If you are travelling from Helensburgh just input your postcode for instructions straight to the b-able car park or the nearby Clydebank bus and train station. If you are based in any other area of West Dunbartonshire or are unsure of our exact location then simply call us to discuss.

Just as we promise our regular clients, we endeavour to respond to your email enquiries the very same day you send them.

From Dumbarton or Helensburgh and used B-Able before?

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Helensburgh & Dumbarton Accountants and Bookkeepers

B-Able Business Services Ltd already has a local strong presence throughout the Dumbarton and Helensburgh areas due to our fantastic reputation and how nearby our Clydebank offices are to both areas. Our reputation in Dumbarton and Helensburgh is already very strong if your business is located in Bonhill, Bowling, Brucehill, Crosslet, Dennystown, Dumbarton, Dumbarton Castle, Dumbarton Football Stadium, Dumbarton Rock, Dumbuck Ford, Duntocher, Erskine Bridge, Forth and Clyde Canal, Hardgate, Inchmurrin, Jamestown, Kilpatrick Hills, Kirktonhill, Loch Lomond, Milton, Old Kilpatrick, Overtoun , Renton, Vale of Leven our team are eager to start a dialogue and discuss how we can help you.

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